Season 6 Promotional Pics

Thursdays never looked so good. Don’t miss the return of Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder on Oct. 2 at 8/7c! #TVD

"Teach me how to love you so good
our hearts will be beating
against our ribcages
straining to get out. (...)
Heartbreak sounds a lot like
a slamming door.
Show me it doesn’t have to be this way,
I want to be proven wrong.
Teach me how to love right."

You shine so brightly in my eyes, it puts
every other woman in the shade. 

OTP Challenge: 6 Moments [5/6]
“I’m just happy to see you. “


Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder at TVD Convention in Las Vegas

TVD meme[5/6] Flashbacks
∟ “What were you dreaming about? Sophomore year. Seems like forever ago. It was.

Fangirl Challenge: [9/40] Female Characters » Elena Gilbert
“There’s more to me than just gloomy grave yard girl.”